The subservient frame and the PNP mechanism

The PNP mechanism is a behavioral psychological and biological mechanism creating addiction.

To be able to have a man connected to her for a time long enough for procreation and for her children to reach independence a woman subconsciously uses the PNP mechanism and puts the man - without his noticing it - in a mental state called the subservient mental state.

Nature has predisposed the man to fall into woman's PNP mechanism giving him a strong instinct of protection toward the woman along with a formidable sexual instinct.

This instinct for protection protects life, but in many males - let's admit it: the majority of males - reaches such limits that it puts the man in a state of psychological dependence upon and enslavement by the woman, which is the subservient mental state. All men should be kept by law from getting married or involved in a long-term relationship before they become expert seducers and have laid at least 50 women!

When a man acts under the influence of the subservient mental state, he speaks and acts in the subservient mental frame, which we will learn to recognize and eliminate with the help of this book.

This frame is one of the major reasons for failure in your attempts to seduce a woman and the basis for a major loss of sexual interest on the part of the woman in a marriage or a long-term relationship.

When a woman succeeds in putting a man into that state two things happen:

A. The woman slowly looses her sexual interest for that man.

B. She starts to despise that man and looses respect for him. As you all understand, it is impossible to love a man whom you despise.

This process is the cause of many divorces and infidelities in marriage. The process can be very fast - hours, days - or slower: the duration of a marriage, but it happens anyway, without mercy and with a mathematical precision.

We can define the subservient mental state like this:

"The subservient frame is any word, action and omission by which a man puts himself in a humiliating position, displays to the woman that he cannot live without her, is in position of submission to her with the purpose of obtaining from her attention and sex. It is any word, action and omission, by which a man gives the woman the possibility of putting him down psychologically, acting against his interests, lacking respect for him."

The subservient state is like a green light, telling the woman that she has reached her evolutionary purpose: the man is now hers and she owns him. But there is a big problem in this: it is also like a signal telling her "He is not a real man anymore." Ironic: the same mechanism for making her sure to possess a man with the best genes, a companion and a father for her children has her loosing her sexual interest for her man. Many men "sense" at that point "something strange" and start to do stupid things like drinking alcohol or gambling or staying out of the home all the time in order to get themselves back into the Alpha state (look further in this book for the Alpha and beta states) but it is already too late.

In fact how could a woman respect anymore a man who lets her put him from the first very moment into such a miserable state? How could a woman respect a man who gives up his dignity for sex and affection? Impossible!

In this book I teach men how to start a relationship with a woman so that the guy will never enter the subservient mental state and how the guy can keep himself out of this state further in the relationship as well and thus enjoy a happy sexual and emotional relationship with her.

To become an expert seducer you need to learn how to put yourself in a non-subservient position toward a woman. A man who is not in a subservient position is an irresistible aphrodisiac for a woman. I will explain in this book how you can reach this result.

But what is the PNP mechanism, which the woman uses to put the man into a subservient state? To understand it we need now to get interested in a phenomenon called addiction.

The mechanism of addiction is the mechanism that has us become dependent on alcohol, drugs or chocolate and it is practically the same as the mechanism a woman uses to get the man into a subservient state.

It happens in this way: when we drink a glass of whisky or we take a drug or we enjoy chocolate:

P = we feel deep pleasurable sensations = the pleasure stimulus.

N = at this point we feel a deep need to drink more or have more drug or chocolate = absence of the pleasure stimulus.

P = we are forced to drink another glass or take more drug or the chocolate = again the pleasure stimulus.

The repetition of PNP cycle brings us to a dependence upon alcohol, drugs or chocolate. The factor bringing us to dependence is pleasure and even more the fact that the pleasure is not continuous. So in fact, the negative stimulus of the PNP mechanism is the regulating factor.

The gratification given by a dose of alcohol or a drug causes a chemical storm in the brain and brings about the desire to have more pleasure. The brain's chemical mediators, such as the dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin activate and cause pleasure, which is at the basis of the addiction.

Practically speaking, a woman does exactly the same to a man.

The purpose of her primordial instincts is to have a man attached to her - to be exact, the one who has the best genes - and to have him desire to impregnate her and even more to protect her for the time necessary for taking care of the children. And it happens like this:

P = She shows us her legs and we get excited.

N = We try to touch her and she withdraws.

P = She shows her legs again and we get excited again.

P = She agrees to make love with us and we feel pleasure.

N = She refuses to make love with us and we remain alone with our desire.

P = She agrees again to make love and we get pleasure again.

In this way the woman elicits a state of addiction to herself which permits her to have the man attached to her for a time long enough to allow for taking care of her children.

Inasmuch as man's sexual instinct is overwhelming, a man cannot resist this and starts to serve the woman, to do her favors, to buy her flowers and gifts and tries to buy the chance to have sex with her by using all the means at his disposal.

This is practically the same mental state as that of the drug abuser when he will do anything to find himself his next "fix."

The more a man has an overwhelming sexual instinct, the more effectively woman's PNP mechanism works on him.

Why does a man remain a slave of the subservient mental state and of the PNP mechanism? The principal reason is the same as why a woman behaves as she does: it is hardwired in man's evolutionary instincts.

Evolution has programmed a man genetically and biologically at the instinctual level to want sex with a woman in an irresistible and overwhelming way.

This makes of the man a propagator of genes. This causes the man to do extremely humiliating acts as paying prostitutes to have sex with him.

As a young adult I always wondered what puts a man in such a humiliating state as paying to have sex with prostitutes! - I have had a lot of sex in my life, but I have never been to a prostitute.

I have seduced two prostitutes in my life so that I got it for free, yes! But I have never paid a woman for sex. I would never do that.

Well, the answer is: evolution and the addiction caused by the mechanism PNP! It is the instinctual imperative to propagate one's genes.

This instinct to propagate through pleasure is so strong that a man is ready to pay a prostitute, who - in the depths of her heart - despises him, while at the same time making love to him.

Most men believe that doing a woman favors and being in a subservient mental frame will result in his seducing her and having sex with her.


It has the opposite result. She interprets the situation on an instinctual level: he is mine; I can do with him what I want!

The more she succeeds in getting him into a subservient frame, the more she looses interest in that man, while pretending to be still interested.

Man's subservient behavior enters generally into a marriage or a long term relationship if it is the woman's intention to obtain a marriage or a long term relationship.

Almost always it leads to an unhappy and unsuccessful relationship.

At the precise moment the woman senses she has succeeded in having the man attached to her by using the PNP mechanism she starts to prolong the N (negative stimulus) of the mechanism, in one way or another.

I have observed the mechanism in the hundreds of women I have seduced. It manifests itself with an impressive mathematical precision, sometimes already at the first meeting.

The same woman who was at the beginning of the relationship very hot starts slowly to refuse sex in order to reinforce the man's addiction to the maximum level. I can almost hear the accusations of feminists. Modern woman expresses her sexual desire! We are not nuns anymore!

It is true: modern woman has learned - thank God! - to accept her sexual desire.

Let's be realistic anyway! She can very easily use the PNP mechanism with the man, whom she wants to be the father of her children and feel sexual pleasure with her lover. That is what women did secretly in the past and do now quite openly in modern society.

For this reason this is a golden century for lovers and playboys and a dark century for husbands and fathers. I hope my book will make good seducers and at the same time help husbands and fathers to put themselves in a win-win position again. A woman has so many choices nowadays. She can, for example, interrupt her relationship with a man who is in the role of father and husband. After a while she can find another one willing to fulfill the role of father to her children, while perhaps having fun with a playboy as well. There are so many different combinations.

This takes absolutely nothing away from the existence of the PNP mechanism.

In fact at an instinctual level she senses that if the man is satisfied all the time - the "P" of mechanism PNP - he will never develop the "abstinence syndrome" - the "N" of mechanism PNP. In that case she will never be sure did she have him attached to her for the long term. This explains very well why so many wives refuse to give sex to their men while at the same time they sit in parliaments deciding about the abolition of prostitution.

Prostitutes help their men out of the power of their PNP mechanism and they even make money by doing it!

On an instinctual level a woman senses that if a man does not remain dependent on her, he will very rapidly be able to go with other women and start the reproductive cycle with them. This would be very bad business for her. His genes would go in a different direction. Obviously this is very good business for Nature because this divergence between man and woman ensures genetic variability!

A woman cannot afford to make mistakes in the choice of genes. So she needs to give to the man only that little which is enough to keep him attached to her and not more.

She needs to be very good in "dosing out" the "N" of the PNP mechanism.

I have seduced women who are real artists at this. They are able to prolong the "N" the PNP mechanism exactly as much as is needed in order to do with the man all what they want and after which they can think to themselves: "What an idiot!" I have also met women who are so scared themselves by the power of this mechanism that they told me -

with absolute sincerity - from the beginning: "I would like to have a man who does not do always what I want."

Very often women tell me during a conversation "I hope you will never let me put you down!" They know that I am a playboy and they cannot tell tales to me. So they are sincere with me about this. Being a playboy means hearing stories some other men are never told.

And now we arrive at the best part! How to use this mechanism to seduce women in an irresistible way!!!

In theory it is very simple. It is enough to invert the PNP mechanism in favor of the man. In practice, however, it is not as simple as it might seem. You will need application and practice to succeed in it.

In fact to succeed you will need to fight against a group of very strong instincts which nature has given to men.

Tell me: which one of you has not at least once in your life dreamed of dying with a military uniform for the Homeland, children and women? Don't lie! I know you have.

The instincts and the mental frames you will need to fight against are:

a. The subservient mental frame, which is enemy number one of seduction.

b. The instinct to protect the woman. - From what for Christ's sake?

c. Your sexual desire. The stronger your sexual desire is, the more difficult you will find it to fight against the subservient mental state. On the contrary, you need to be conscious about the fact that the more you are sexually active, the more you will need to be careful not to fall into the trap of her PNP.

Before you aim your guns at me I say: I don't mean you should not have sex. I mean you need only to be aware of this.

d. The mechanism of addiction in the case the woman has already succeeded in getting you attached by using her PNP and you are already subservient toward her. This is an area where this book can help certain husbands and boyfriends a lot.

The ideal situation is one in which you never remain in that state of addiction to her and are still able to love her and get love from her. Once you are in the subservient mental state, however, it is very difficult to get out of it.

Anyway, Franco tells you in this book how to free yourself from this addiction in case that has happened to you in the chapter: "The One Option's Distortion."

In connection with this argument is very important to read and understand the chapter: "Fidelity and Seduction: a new context" and also the chapter dedicated to: "Multiple Long Term Relationships (MLTR.)" A really effective way to get you out of addiction is withdrawal from a woman with another woman. We go to this delicate argument further in this book.

To invert the PNP in favor of the man:

"You have to put the woman in a mental state where she is always one step closer to conquering your exclusivity, without completely succeeding in doing so. You need to be for her a constant challenge!"

In practice this means never give to a woman the certainty that she possesses your genes!

This is exactly the opposite of buying flowers, doing favors, paying her bills, exactly the opposite of the subservient mental state.

This is the principal reason for which men who have the reputations of being real jerks have so much success with women. A woman is compelled to try PNP with them.

As she does not succeed in it, she is forced by her instincts to try again and again. Jerks simply take advantage of this.

An important corollary of this process is:

"To maintain a woman's excitation and sexual desire on a constantly high level, you need to never give the woman the sureness of being exclusively her man!"

This concept can be used as a means for seduction and as a means for keeping alive a long-term emotional and sexual relationship or a marriage.

Also, once you have become an expert seducer, you will be able to use PNP to tease a woman in the same way as a woman uses it to tease a man. If you don't want to be a husband and you are not looking for a wife, using PNP you can keep your lovers in a perfect state of constant excitation.

Let's now go deeper into the practice on how to invert PNP and not be in the subservient frame of mind.

Let's observe these two phrases. He wants seduce a really beautiful woman, Mary, who works in the department close to his.

A." Hello Mary, how do you do? It would be so nice to go to movie together. I never had the courage to tell you this. I like you so much. If you go out with me, if you'll be my date I'll also take you to eat something in a classy restaurant. "

B. "Hello Mary, how do you do? What a rush today! This evening I have a meeting at my company and later I'm going to the gym. After that I am packing for my summer vacation. I have a break between five and six. I'll be having coffee in my favorite bar. Would you like to join me, I'd like to hear about your vacation!"

Do you see the difference? Maybe you see it.

Well there is a difference and it is extremely important. The first phrase is structured in a very subservient way.

It is the classic approach: I pay for a nice movie and a dinner for you and you go out with me!

Your seduction starts very, very badly. She may have received the same invitation at least a dozen times the same day.

You are practically telling her: "I am ready to give myself away for next to nothing, I am ready to do anything to spend the evening with you."

She interprets on the instinctual level: "He is a weak man, what garbage." Of course, unless she is looking for a husband, she turns down the invitation.

If you marry this woman, her requests will soon become bigger and bigger.

One day you will find yourself in the situation that she has full access to your bank account during the day and refuses to give sex to you during the night, or - even worse -she will fake orgasms when in the bed with you.

Then she will tell her girlfriends what an impotent idiot you are.

Phrase b. instead is something really different. He is in effect saying: "I am a successful man; I do not have very much time at my disposal. I use my free time to take care of myself (the gym) and relax (the bar, the coffee.) It's okay for you come to tell me something about you. "

She is invited to qualify herself to him to have the possibility of spending some time with him (I'll explain what "qualifying" means in terms of seduction later on in the book.)

He invites her to qualify herself to him and not the other way around.

This phrase is an example on how you can frame your words in a non-subservient way.

It is the beginning of a good seduction. An approach like this means establishing a strong PNP in your favor from the very beginning.

So be aware of your words, phrases and attitudes and the way you frame them from the very beginning when trying to seduce a woman!

The same thing applies to action and inaction.

When you have arranged to meet, she always arrives late without apologizing whereas you always arrive on time without saying anything.

Good. You believe in being a well-behaved gentleman. You don't say a word and are always on time. She interprets this as: "I have him doing what I want. He is not even able to tell me anything. He is not able to ask for respect!"

She calls you only once a week. You call her ten times a day and send her hundreds text messages a week with your mobile. You believe you are romantic and also showing erotic interest. She interprets: "I have him doing what I want. He has lost his head completely for my legs. And what an idiot! He calls me all the time!"

Yes I know this is so different from what your parents and teachers taught you.

But that is the way things are! If you want one or more beautiful woman ready to do anything for you, it is better to start to learn how to touch the right strings or do without it! The truth hurts, but truth is the best start for changing things for the better.

From the point of view of seduction the right approach is:

- When you arrange to meet, arrive a little bit later than her.

- She calls you five times but maybe you call her once.

Doing it like that, you will have her considering you to be of superior value when compared to other men.

You will be the one who prolongs or shortens the "N" of the PNP. She will not be the one to do that.

Based on my experience with women, this maintains their erotic desire on an extremely high level. But be careful! You need to be good in dosing out the "N."

Too long an "N" may have you loosing the woman.

No one can stand being on the edge for too long a time. You need to give something too, just like women do. Give just something, but not too much.

The art of PNP is the art of "the right length of the "N." It is the art of "the right length of the Negative Stimulus."

So train yourself:

- To observe the content of what you say to a woman and to eliminate all the contents framed in a subservient way and substitute them with more appropriate ones.

- To monitor your action and inaction: are you behaving in a subservient way? Are you forgetting to say or to do something to get yourself out you coming out from the subservient frame you put yourself in without noticing? Fix this!

- Are you the one doing the PNP to her or is she the one doing the PNP to you? You absolutely need to invert the situation and later you will need to be good in "dosing out" the "N" in the appropriate way.

For example: you meet her in a bar and you succeed in picking her up. You obtain her telephone number. She says she is generally at home at 9pm. You call her and all you get is an answering machine. Any time you call there is the answering machine.

Good. It is a test! And it is her attempt to control you by using the PNP.

She is waiting for the moment you say the magic subservient words to the answering machine: "I have been trying to call you for such a long time, Darling! I am awaiting with anxiety the moment I can meet you! Are you sure you are okay baby?"

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

She has already succeeded in doing the PNP on you! Women are fast and very good in this art. Most men never realize this. By using the answering machine, she has already succeeded in putting you in a subservient frame.

The correct approach is: never talk to an answering machine!

Call her from a private number and talk to her only if she answers. If she does not answer wait at least one week before calling her again. If there is no sign from her, you call her only after another week but you don't tell her you miss her, you tell something along the line:

"Hi, How are you? I was in Barbados. What a wonderful place! I met an interesting type there, an English lady; she told me a really funny story. Listen to this! "

Then you tell her the funny story and end the conversation without promising her anything.

You are now the one doing the PNP on her. She will think or better feel on her instinctual level: "What a self-confident guy! Maybe it would be better to be nicer to him. Maybe he is already in contact with that English lady." If she does not contact you, tease her even more.

You call her again and tell her another funny story. This time it was a French female photographer you met in another town. She will not be able to resist. Sooner or later she will be eager to see you and will do something to show this.

Obviously the above example is a bit simple and banal. With practice, however, you will be able to use the above strategy smoothly by "hiding" it in the context of a normal conversation.

An important rule: if you are forced to choose between the women you want to seduce or break the rule of the PNP, it is in any case always better and in your favor to loose the woman.

You would loose her anyway in the long run if the PNP is in her favor - at any rate you would loose her as a sexual being and loose her respect, too - and even more you would enter the subservient state in a much more painful way than if you had let her go from the beginning.

The PNP must be always in your favor: you must never let yourself to be in a subservient mental state in the course of a seduction or in a long term relationship.

Always apply the above rule: it is a formula for masculine erotic happiness.

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