Womans language and seduction

Of course, seduction is not only connected with genetics and the instinct to procreate. Seduction has much to do with psychology as well.

Neuropsychology is a science studying the way in which our neurological structure expresses itself on a psychological level. Surprise, surprise! It helps us to understand the differences between man and woman.

Also a branch of psychology called NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) helps us to understand what happens in the field of seduction. NLP is a very broad psychological science: one of its branches is the study of non-verbal communication and another branch is the study of mental frames. For example, the subservient mental frame is a concept of NLP.

The news is that men and women are different on the neuropsychological level and they don't even speak the same language. Are you surprised? Again this is something so different from what your parents and teachers taught you.

The truth is that the male and female brains are different and for this reason man and woman are different:

A. Speak different languages.

B. Behave in a different way.

If you are having difficulties in seducing women almost probably this is because you talk to women using masculine language and women do not understand it.

Neuropsychological differences between men and woman are very, very subtle.

A superficial examination would have us believe that a man and a woman, who speak English or Italian or Spanish, speak the same language. In reality men and women do not speak the same language.

To become an expert seducer you need to learn to recognize the differences between male and female language. You need to become "interpreters of the female language."

What is new is that to become a successful seducer you need to learn to talk to a woman in her own language and to recognize a woman's behavioral models and react with appropriate behavior.

One of the most important reasons most men are able to seduce only one woman in their life - sometimes not even one woman - is that they talk with the woman using male language and automatically assume that the woman feels and behaves like a man.

You can learn woman's language and woman's behavioral models with the help of this book. Once you have learned this, no woman will be able to resist you. You will be able to speak to her in a way she feels is absolutely irresistible.

Magnetic resonance and isotopic studies of the brain have shown that men react to language using only the logical part of the brain and women use both the logical and emotional parts of the brain.

A woman's language is different in the following essential points:

a. Emotions have a larger greater importance for the woman than for the man. Men are able to communicate to each other for long and indefinite periods only at the logical level.

Women communicate both at the logical and at the emotional levels. The percentage of emotionality in the feminine way of feeling and expressing things is much greater than in the masculine way of doing so.

So to effectively communicate with a woman you need to forget logic and communicate with her emotions.

If you are not able to communicate with her emotions you will not able to seduce her. By using logic you will, of course, succeed in bringing "some woman" into bed, but you will never succeed in really seducing her.

This will lead to problems in the relationship later on.

b. Logic does not have such a great importance for a woman than for a man. The woman can, of course, use logic do to things but the bridge to communicating with her in seduction is through her emotions.

A woman rarely does something if "she does not feel like it" or if "she does not feel feelings." Even if she does it but without the right emotions then you can be deadly sure that she is lying.

This rule is especially true for very beautiful women who are used to being adored by men and worshipped by society. As we want to seduce the most beautiful women, then we need to learn how to talk on the emotional level if we want to succeed.

The same woman who is able to work as a jet pilot or as an engineer will feel in a total illogical way - from the point of view of a man - in love and social relationships.

Don't let yourself to be fooled: even if she is an engineer, don't expect her to behave with you in a logical way. With you she will behave in a totally illogical and immoral way.

She will follow in the field of love relationships the law of the jungle even if she tries in any given moment to get you to believe the contrary.

You need to remember in particular that at the precise moment a woman is in contact with a very masculine man, her mental state changes and she starts to feel much more emotional than in other cases.

For this reason if you want to seduce a woman who is a jet pilot or works as an engineer, remember that she will apply logic at her workplace like a man, but when she is in your presence and senses the presence of a very masculine man, her mental state will change.

Then the percentage of emotionality in her speech and behavior will reach maximum levels.

One of the purposes of her emotionality is to get your logic messed up and get you to make "irrational choices" such as making her pregnant and protecting her in the long term as a provider to her.

You need also to remember that a woman who is very careful in other interactions about not causing problems to other individuals such as her parents and friends will, in the presence of your masculine hormone, become an extremely immoral creature on the emotional level.

Some women will, in the presence of your masculine hormone, also become immoral and wild on the behavioral level and not only the emotional one.

Practically speaking she will behave with you as though she has the right to feel all the emotions she wants and has the right to discharge them on you, without the slightest worry as to how this will affect you and your life.

Many women, though not all, will also behave with you as though they have the right to do anything to you, without the slightest worry as to how this will affect you and your life.

In other words the law of the jungle will start to rule your interaction and from that moment she will behave with you in a totally immoral way.

If you want to seduce many women, it is better for you to keep this in mind and be prepared for it because this is what you will face.

From the moment she enters into this emotional and "immoral" mental state her sensations will guide her in most situations - and particularly in her interactions with you - so that she will be prone to changing her behavior from one moment to another with the "rationale" for this change possibly being based on only one word, situation or thought.

In a few minutes or an hour her mental state will vary from one feeling to another trough a feelings chain where the elements connect to each other in a totally illogical way. Like this:

Here the elements of the chain are not in logical connection between each other but depend only on how the environment, you and her inner feelings influence her at any given moment.

To become an expert seducer you need to learn to put logic aside and enter a new world where emotions - no matter how illogical - have a predominant meaning on all that happens in the course of the seduction.

You need to learn to confront yourself with a reality where the emotion of a moment has a much more important meaning than the logical chain of thought you are used to as a man.

When you are in touch with this feminine mental state, don't worry anymore about why she behaves in such an illogical way. Focus instead on seducing her basing what you do only on the emotions she feels at that particular moment.

Do not even minimally worry about whether she will be behaving in a logical way a minute, a day or a week later. Most women in fact will not switch to behaving in a logical way later either, but will instead simply follow the chain of emotions I just told about.

By trying to force her into a logical interaction you only cause stress to yourself and to her, especially if you are in an emotional and erotic relationship with her.

She will simply not follow logic, but emotions.

c. Words have a much more important meaning in woman's world than in man's world.

If you want to become an expert seducer you need to learn to use words in the right way.

I will teach you how. Let's learn now on practical level at how we can speak to a woman in her own language.

Let's first learn the difference between a logical phrase and an emotional phrase:

A logical phrase: "Mary, I'm single and I've been living alone for a year. You are also single. We are both free. I think we could be happy together."

An emotional phrase:" Mary I woke up this morning and I felt a strange sense of predestination. Not even the colors of my room felt the same. What a strange sensation! Suddenly I saw that there is a tremendous connection between us. I imagined the sensation of a cup of coffee between us put there on the table, the intensity of a deep, extraordinary talk."

Do you see the difference? The first phrase is a logical deduction. True, if you use the logical way to say something, you will surely have your message reach the woman. But that will take you nowhere in terms of seduction.

In fact, she does not give a shit about you two being singles and about how "logically" you could be a couple: with that phrase you gave her absolutely no emotions to feel.

Try to imagine you tell a male friend the second phrase: the first thing coming to his mind will be for sure that you have become gay.

Well: the second phrase is the effective one in the field of seduction with a woman! The second phrase expresses the same thing but in a completely different way.

There are words like "predestination", "the colors of the room", "a tremendous connection." Those words tell about feelings and deep sensations.

Let's now imagine that she asks: "What's your job?"

A logical phrase: "My name is Mark. I work as a banker in bank."

An emotional phrase: "My name is Bond, James Bond. I just landed at a military airport. What work? For me this is a mission. I'm defending my country's interests. Anyway my cover here is that I work in a bank, I'm a banker. What I really do is another story. Can you keep a secret, Baby?"

Could you even imagine a male friend talking to you in that way? You would consider him crazy or gay. Well. It is only your male reaction.

I can swear that at this moment I have in the set of my MLTRs (see please the chapter about MLTRs) a few women, who still call me "James" in spite of the fact that I have been going with them for months already.

For them I am James Bond. No kidding.

Just for fun, buy some romance novel from a library and read it. You will find a lot of phrases that are really vague, complicated, unbelievable and tortuous and most of all emotional. Women love everything that men hate the most in this area.

They love everything influencing their mental state and provoking emotions. Women love exactly what most men hate: emotional over-involvement.

One interesting thing: most men generally have no clue at all that women love both positive and negative emotions. They can enjoy the emotions caused by a beautiful flower as well as the emotions caused by a bill not being paid in time.

To become an expert seducer you need to learn to put oil on fire. The more drama you cause her, the more you have her feeling emotions - both positive and negative - and the more she will love you.

Observe her: she is able to feel an interminable chain of emotions about a bill not being paid on time and then forgets the whole thing in a few hours.

Do an experiment: try to talk with a woman after one day about the wonderful and dramatic feelings she felt the day before and watch her answer. The answer will be:" What? Yesterday? What are you talking about?" You will notice that she does not remember the emotions of the day before.

If you talk to women in the emotional way explained above, they will consider you attractive and interesting. They will consider you attractive because you will cause strong emotions in them.

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