Chemistry is critical and is not something you should compromise

on. You will find that just because he/she is a nice person, after 6 months or a year or worse, after marriage or kids or both, this person really does not do it for you. But they are nice - who wants a life partner that is just nice? If you go down that road, you will find that you are one of the 50% of divorces and, more tragically, possibly, one with kids.

This simple process will help you and protect you from falling into the trap that so many do. You know from experience what the fallout is like when you make a bad choice. It's very painful. Now is that time to change your relationship pattern.

Questions are the key here. Ask better questions of yourself. Know as a fact what you need, ask better questions that fit specifically what you need of your potential partner. Find out what he/she needs and what they are looking for from a relationship. Knowing who you are is also critical.

If you are not happy with yourself how can you expect anyone else to be? Find out, through better questions, what you want. Make sure that you are happy with who you are and make sure that anyone who enters into your life is going to add value and not be a drain on your emotional resources. This way you will be giving yourself every opportunity to know that this person is right for you.

This may feel like a lot of work, but you may find out things about yourself you had not thought about before, this learning experience is all good stuff. Putting in the work now will eradicate so much pain in the future. After all, you have one life, why spend it with someone who is not right, just because they are there.

Surely it is better to be on your own for a while finding the right person, than to spend the next five years regretting what you have chosen. If you feel you just can't be alone, ask yourself why? Being with someone just for the sake of it is not healthy for either party. If you are desperate for children, don't settle for anyone who seems OK. Look at this process as an adventure, a journey of discovery. Create a relationship you can be proud of. Know that through your past learnings and this process that the choice you have made is undeniably right for you. Most of all have fun and enjoy your new adventure. Be clear of your goal and take constant action towards the goal,


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