Eye Contact

The beginning and the basics of the flirting process Girls, you will need to discreetly scan the room for a man you're attracted to. You should position yourself so you are in his line of sight and then make eye contact, hold it, and then look away. Guys, you need to be on the look out for this discreet eye contact, as she may look again. Girls, you may have to repeat this process 3 or 4 times and hold his gaze for a few seconds, so he is under no illusion he is being flirted with and understands you like him. Guys, if you get this message she wants you to come over. If you don't go over, she will assume you are not interested and will stop looking. There is, however, no reason in this world of equality why the girls can't go over and take control; after all, he just might be a bit shy.

Probably one of the most amazing gifts you can give someone - and it's free! It also releases the feel good chemical, which works great in this arena. The givers and receivers of smiles will start to feel they have created a safe, inviting environment. If the guy/girl is really confident, he/she may just look straight at you and give you a killer smile. But very often it is just a half-smile that doesn't completely commit anyone. Remember, at this point rejection and excitement is on everyone's mind, so breaking the tension with a smile is a must. Smile back and create a warm, visual rapport. Guys, if you do not walk over after all this interaction, she will definitely assume you are not interested.

As you walk towards her, walk tall, hold your head up and maintain eye contact. Act confident, even if you feel your heart is about to jump out of your chest, because she is so beautiful. Make sure you smile before you introduce yourself. This will put her at ease, as she will feel comfortable that you are successful and confident. Girls, you must do the same. . Note: eye contact is critical for everyone.

If you have ever tried talking to someone who will not look at you, what do you think? Do they look shifty, and therefore someone you would not trust? You could also perceive them as rude or just totally disinterested.

To attract the opposite sex, both sexes will go through a ritual of presenting what makes them look more masculine or feminine. When a woman wants to attract her mate, she will start to go though a process of making the most of what she has to offer physically. She will straighten her back, this will push out her breasts. She will show off her legs by standing with hips tilted to show them off. She will sit to show off her legs by crossing them, thus creating very appealing muscle definition.

She will play with her hair and tilt her head to expose her delicate neck and may even lick her lips evocatively. She will play with her clothes and make sure everything is looking good. She will probably be doing all this without being conscious of it. Girls, if this is not what you are doing, then this a good time to review what you are doing and become consciously aware of how you are acting. Making the most of what you have got to offer is one of the keys to attraction. Either you know, or your friends will tell you, that you will have some great physical attributes. Whatever they are, make the most of them.

Men and women have very obvious physical differences. Paying attention to those intimate areas mentioned above will show off the differences and generate attraction, so look out for these signals. Men will be doing the same things as women to present themselves physically as favourably as possible. There is not a huge difference with how men and women work. Men will stand taller, hold in their stomachs, expand their chests, adjust their clothes and play with their hair in much the same way.

You have heard the saying "If you've got it, flaunt it". It's true - making the best of what we have is critical.

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