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As you have noticed by watching your friends and your own observations, you will now have some more information about how you come across to others. Were you surprised at their observations? In this chapter, we will be breaking these elements down, so we can see in more detail exactly what is happening. How you can read what others feel about you, and most importantly how to tell if they interested in you? Any one of these elements can either tell us what someone is feeling but if looked at in isolation the message could be confusing so what we are looking for is a number of messages that means attraction.

For instance, glassy eyes with enlarged pupils are a clear indication that he's interested in you. But he's got his arms folded. So he could have had too much to drink in a dimly lit room. (pupil opening to let more light in) can have the same effect, so assess the situation and the environment. The key to reading what is being communicated to you is to look for groups of signal that together build a very clear picture.

The 5 step flirting process in the previous chapter looked at the very basics of how to spot if someone is interested, but there are many more signals to look at and they need to be adapted to fit into various situations. Let's look at eyes and faces and what messages they giving us. The face is an amazing tool - it is packed full of tiny muscles that can convey thousands of expressions. Just by tiny micro movements, a flash of the eye will say more than a thousand words. Staring into the eyes of someone who just makes you melt inside is just amazing, so let's look at what is happening.

Shining eyes are a great indication of attraction. This is great because it is an involuntary action that happens when extreme internal emotion takes over. The eyes will produce more fluid than normal and have the appearance of glass. This will reflect the light, which will make eyes appear even more attractive. The other clear indication is that their pupils will dilate as they become more aroused.

This will also make the eyes even more inviting and will draw you in. You will also notice you'll have a captivated audience as your eyebrows lift and fall as you become more expressive and animated, this is very engaging to give and recieve. Watch couples chatting - you will see this eyebrow flashing. It's all quite obvious. It's like a mating dance for eyebrows. They will also blink more which is another sure sign of sexual attraction. When you're in this situation, you could without noticing, find yourself blinking at the same rate as your potential mate. Combine all this and you'll have eye fireworks.


You will not be able to help yourself exploring the other person's face as will they yours. You will lightly scan from their eyes to their nose, in what's known as the flirting triangle. This triangle will expand down to the mouth, as you become more attracted. Then you will notice the triangle expand down the body to the chest and the genitals, and then back up to the eyes. Notice as you are talking, how far their triangle expands, watch them watch you as they explore you and how far they go will give you a great indication of what's on their minds. If they go no further than your nose, you have your work cut out - they're not too interested. Women are great at doing this discreetly, so guys keep your peripheral vision well tuned.

Guys, take a leaf out of the woman's book and be discreet. I know she has an amazing chest, but please talk to her face. It's for your own good. If you behave like a gentleman, I'm sure she would love you to chat to them later, so have patience! As the eyes dance around in this triangle, you will notice it lengthens. I mean the eye contact time! And there will be more focus on the mouth. The lips will become fuller and a kiss will enter the thought process. This is why women use lipstick, as it makes the lips appear more attractive. Note: fuller lips have an appeal to men, as they directly represent her genitals. Sorry but they do.

We all do this, but probably never think about it. We use parts of our body such as legs, arms, fingers and feet to point to someone we want For example:

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