Who is Steve Hedger

Steve Hedger

Relationship Coach, Author and founder of Datingshoes.com

Qualified practitioner of NLP, Sequential Mind Technology, and hypnosis

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[email protected] datingshoes.com

" Many people go into relationships blind without realizing. Getting dates is easy, finding a life partner needs far more consideration.

Many people spend more time choosing a car or a dress than they do understanding themselves and what will support their future. A woman may spend many hours on her looks or on shopping. Men will spend hours or days researching his next car purchase. Very rarely do they offer either themselves or their relationship the same time or focus. This focus only happens when things go wrong.

Why is this? Mainly because they don't know how to. They make decisions based on how they feel at that time. "

Steve Hedger

What Steve coaches is the result of many thousands of hours of work, understanding human behaviour in the context of relationships. This is his passion...

Once someone understands why they are making choices especial ones that will affect their lives long-term then they are better armed to create life paths that best support their wants and needs.

This will create the one thing we are all after... Happiness, and a great feeling of who we really are.

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