You cant remember my name can you She barked

She was so upset. In fact, so upset, she did not notice that she had just walked into the gents to compose herself and not the ladies rest rooms.

I stood outside and waited. She walked out very fast and red-faced. We looked at each other and laughed and laughed. I got away with it, but something as simple as someone's name is so important.


Compliments are also good, but don't go over the top. Many people find receiving a compliment difficult. If this is you, then just say thank you and smile.

Do not return the compliment with "so do you". It is very insincere. On the whole, most people like to be complemented, so if he has great hair, or she has a stunning dress or dazzling smile, these are all safe areas go for it. She may have the most amazing breasts you have ever seen, but this is just not the time to bring it up.

So, be appropriate and remember ...

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