Five Easy Steps to Better Communication

by Jane Collingwood - February 27, 2007

Being able to express yourself clearly and being able to listen well can help you avoid a great deal of stress in your closest relationship. Unfortunately, we are more likely to communicate ineffectively with our partner just at the time when we most need to get our point across. In fact, communication itself often is a major source of difficulty.

When we feel pressured, we may not keep our partner up to date. Often we fail to listen properly because we are preoccupied. But effectively communicating our feelings and ideas can prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and tensions. It's a good idea to try to open up channels of communication as much as possible. You might need to look actively for time to talk with your partner, such as during car trips or washing dishes.

Effective communication becomes even more crucial during high-stress times such as holidays. Little things can seem much bigger on important days which come with high expectations.

Make a conscious effort to practice the following basic communication skills:

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