Heres another tip

Since I was in high school I did this with great results.

If there is a new girl in town and all your friends are trying to go out ore score with her. Here's what I've done. Try not to be the number one but try to be the different one.

Everybody will try to amaze the girl doing stupid things but, you won't... You'll be the serious guy, the one who really thinks and doesn't act like a kid.

On the other side. If everybody is serious, you'll be the different one, you'll be the guy who asks her name and simple things without making her feel important.

Remember the technique in my last post!

So, don't be the #1, BE THE DIFFERENT ONE without making her feel important.

Friends, if you think the techniques I've shared with you so far are just inventions or plain lies, think again. THEY DO WORK LIKE MAGIC! For real!

You see, sometimes I even wish they don't work so well, just like 3 weeks ago.

What happened was that the 3 of the girlfriends I had in the past sent me emails, ye they did! I didn't even remember them and haven't thought about them for long time.

The thing is that believe it or not the three of them wrote that THEY MISSED THE WAY I TREAT THEM! HOW ATTENTIVE I WAS WITH THEM AND THAT THEY MISSED A LOT THE WAY I MADE THEM LAUGH AND ENJOY LIFE! They even say that if there was a chance to try again to be happy together I could call the any time!

Magic?, coincidence? you can call it whatever you like. The point is that the three of them wrote almost the same.

Is She Laughing Yet?

Are you making her laugh yet? I you aren't, well, you are missing a lot.

Anyway, what you need to do is to impress her very, very subtlety. Do you remember the "do without doing. etc..? It really works.

Now, here's snippet about an article about how to impress a girl.

Be real. And realistic. You say one lie (that you are bold-faced aware you are saying), and you have just changed the game. You now have to keep track of the lie, never forget it, and know that that lie is what part of your potential relationship is now based on. For she will believe you. And one day, if you are both lucky enough to get involved, she will find out. And she will dump your ass. Or do a LOT of haranguing and how-could-yous..

What do you think? The Way To True Love

Have you watched the movie Michael with John Travolta?

I've watched that movie about 35 times! Really! It's one of my favorites.

In the movie, there is a part where Michael (Travolta) and the other three actors are driving to somewhere and Michael is making jokes all the time and laughing like crazy.

Then he says

"You've got to learn to laugh,

It's the way to true love"

By the way, he's trying to make a woman and a man to fall in love with each other since he is an angel.

Well, why am I telling you this?

Do you remember the step 3 of my technique to get any girl? MAKE HER LAUGH!

My friend, you'll never know what this thing can do for you until you put it into practice.

By making a girl laugh you :

• keep her happy all the time.

• she'll remember you when she is sad.

• if you are trying to meet her for the first time, by making her laugh, you open the door to endless opportunities to score!


Believe me my friend. This technique of making girls laugh can even save marriages with difficulties.

This technique is what I've used almost every time when I want to ask her to be my girl..

Remember, don't be so attentive and don't look desperate. What I do is tell her something like this.

"What would you do or say if I'd ask you to be my girl? would you think about it?"

Make these questions as if you were asking what's her favorite color. You know what I mean? Don't look like you are hoping with all your heart a "YES!

Act as normal as you can.

What this indirect question does is making her think if you are asking her for real or if you are just curious.

That's the real point!

I don't know why but IT WORKS WONDERS!

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