How to Read Female Flirting Signals

It's a girl's non-verbal flirting signals that give a guy the green light to approach her. Guys, if you're not sure, look for several of these signs of flirting. One alone means little or nothing - her lips felt dry; she has an itch or a stiff neck - but when the signs come together, she's up for it!

She'll give good face. From a distance, you might get a direct look, prolonged eye contact, smiling - and it couldn't be a great deal clearer than that. If she's a little more shy, there'll be short, repeated glances. Get on over!

She follows the flirting triangle. Her eyes move between your eyes and your mouth - and linger increasingly on your mouth. Yes, she's thinking of kissing you. There's also the corollary effect that this will make you want to kiss her more.

She'll stroke and show her intimate and erogenous zones. Stroking her neck is autoerotic in itself - but does have the added advantage of lifting her breasts and exposing (erotic and pheromone-rich) armpits. Sitting, a display of her inner thigh gives a cheeky invitation to think about going higher. She'll stroke her thigh - and face, and arms... She'll turn her wrists towards you - displaying and thinking about her most highly sensitised areas.

She'll check your body. It began with your face. Now, if she's really interested, you'll see her gaze drifting lower. You've past the first test and now she wants to see if you're really hot.

She'll get closer - and she'll draw you in closer too. She'll whisper, so that you're obliged to draw close, and move her face forwards into your intimate space.

She'll push objects towards you. Again, she's entering into your space. If she leaves her hand there, touch it.

She'll preen her clothes and hair and lick her lips - looking her best for you.

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