How to Read Male Flirting Signals

Not everything a guy does is a sign that he is flirting. This can make it difficult especially when a man frequently exhibits standard flirting signals. So, how can you tell if he is flirting or not? Start by observing his behavior. Watch how he interacts with other women and even other men. For example, do his eyes light up when he looks at you or when he looks at every other lady in the room? If he is interested in you, he will keep flirting that day, and if he is around you often, in the days to come. So stop and observe just a little before deciding whether to take action.

Men's flirting technique can be relatively limited. Fine: after all, it's the girl who makes the first move, though the guy might not know it. With a fair degree of accuracy, you can guess a guy is flirting from the way he's clearly looking for someone's attention. The gestures he speaks to his friends with expand. He exaggerates his body language - to a greater or lesser extent - and his voice might sound as if he's projecting to more than his immediate group of friends.

Men's flirting body language extends, during this initial stage, to his detaching himself from his company. He'll pull back from them slightly, making sure that you have a good view. How do you know it's you? Well, has he looked yet? Briefly? Occasionally? Surreptitiously? If not, he's about to.

Once he has your attention - and through the point where you actually meet and chat - his flirting signals do become a little more subtle. Check for the following. Men: do this!

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