Mistake 4 Letting the conversation drag

Whoa! This is one of the most commonly committed errors by men -- talking too long and trying desperately to keep this hot chick in front of you for as long as possible. Until, of course, the conversation starts to lag and you find yourself toeing the floor in front of you, repeating things that were funny at the beginning of the conversation, and then finally the dreaded 10 seconds of silence before saying... OK, well I'll give you a call. You know what I am talking about.

Solution -- When you get to the peak of a conversation, leave. I don't mean just walk away in mid-sentence, but while both of you are talking and laughing, just casually look at your watch and say something like, "Oh, sorry. I've got to meet a friend in about 10 minutes." Note: Leave with phone number in hand (or at least make sure she has yours).

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