Practice practice practice

If you are going somewhere important, where conversations are inevitable, and you feel uncomfortable then preparation is essential. Think of a few anecdotes and stories and write them out before you go. Think of the questions you would like to ask others. Write them down and then write out your answers to the same questions. Now if you are asked you can deliver a more relaxed answer.

in the company of others.

Any questions you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable answering, cross off your list and don't ask. If you are embarrassed your audience probably will be too. Organise the remaining questions and answers and re-write them. Then leave them at home. The process of asking and answering the questions should be enough preparation.

Until you fully understand how to make conversation and become comfortable with it then practicing at home before you go out is ok. It will help you relax and make conversations easier.

Knowing how to make conversation and being confident in the company of others is difficult for many people. Few excel at it and the majority just about cope. As with anything else being confident is all about knowledge and experience.

If you feel uncomfortable it simply means you are outside your comfort zone and you need more practice. Follow these simple ideas and, over time, you will gain eloquence and be able to make converstion, you will relax and become comfortable

Written By: John Edmond

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