Resolving conflict

Conflicts naturally will arise whenever people are living together. Conflicts can occur for many reasons including "black and white thinking," clashing standards or beliefs, unresolved childhood issues, and the background stress of modern life.

Conflicts potentially can be useful and channeled in healthy ways as long as they don't involve threats or stubbornness. They can stimulate discussion and even bring people in a relationship closer together, as long as each partner expresses his or her feelings and opinions in an honest and loving way.

Resolve conflicts by working together so that neither of you is forced to 'give in' or be dominated. Look for solutions that are acceptable to both, and keep working at it until you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Subject: How to start a conversation

I came upon this site and decided to ask a question and see what you have up your sleeve. I have so much difficulty in starting a conversation with women. This also causes me to have a bad first impression as well. I am always thinking what to say next and the effect is she is probably thinking I am stupid or something (which I am not of course). I can get the looks and the flirts, but when I do get the courage and talk I found she has a boyfriend. I generally continue to talk to her, but in the back of my mind I am saying, "Damn". What I am basically saying is what do you talk about when you want to get to know her? charlie

ANSWER: Hey, Charlie. Thanks for your question. It's an important one. The key to having a good conversation and building attraction through it is in making your conversation interesting and using humor and wit. In other words, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, but how you talk. Sharing your interesting opinions, being sarcastic, and teasing a woman will create many good feelings between the two of you if she is cool enough to handle it. And the topics don't matter. You can just randomly start telling her: "Hey, did you see this movie? That actor is so good, he really got into the role which made me feel sorry for him" or something like that. It's very important to understand and remember that your conversation DOESN'T need to be extrodinary. Normal, non-cliche conversation will be good enough if your posture, your voice and your body radiate relaxed energy and confidence.

Thanks, and I hope this helps. If not, please follow up.

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