Shifts his Stance

jl j if. h j If he is standing and facing you, watch for a shift in his stance. The classic male pose is to directly face you with his feet pointed right at you. This signals that all of his attention is on you. It also makes him look tall and strong. Watch his hands to see if they move towards his hips or belt. This further makes him look even stronger and more engaged.

His face and body language 'open'. He's putting himself on display and looking receptive. His eyebrows raise, the eyes widen, the lips part slightly - even the nostrils flare. What this means is that he's taking away the blocks he might use in his more lad-oriented life and inviting you to see and engage with the sensually sensitive real him.

He'll stand tall - and look manly. He'll square off and pull himself up to his full height, displaying his prowess - and he'll make sure you have time to admire him.

He'll draw your eyes towards his groin. It's basic but that's what he's up to. He'll sit with his legs apart. If standing, he'll hook his thumbs over his belt, or leave them outside his pockets, this both opening his posture and pointing to the meat of the matter, inviting you to contemplate what he's got there.

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Don't Forget to Flirt Back

Being flirted with is lots of fun. If you are interested in him, don't forget to flirt back. He won't know you're interested unless you send him some signals of your own.

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