So what is my technique

Here it is:

1) First of all, I'll tell you something that I recently told to a couple of friends who were suffering for their girls : "You have to be willing to lose your girl since the very beginning.."

You see, anything can happen and if you are willing to accept that, chances are that if for some reason you get separate, your pain will be a lot less.

2) Do without doing, say without saying, flirt without flirting.

This is good. When flirting a girl, don't let her feel that you are dying for her. Women have a sixth sense, they know when a guy likes her and they feel that everybody like her, so, what you should do is, be less attentive, pay attention to what she needs but don't make her feel too important.

Here is an example:

Let's say, that you are at a party and somebody introduces her to you.

Tell her sincerely and SUPER INTERESTED that she's got the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. Really, pay the most attention you can to her eyes for about 3-5 minutes, looking at "them" not at her.

The next 20 minutes do something else and don't pay attention to her eyes. She'll think that something is wrong. Then, bring her a drink and tell her again about her eyes, and go somewhere else.

Are you following? Be attentive but, make her wonder, "why at the beginning he was so attentive and he liked my eyes so much, now he is a little cold? Aren't my eyes that beautiful?"


Laugh is the way to true love!

This Has Worked For Me Almost Every Time

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