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You are fighting a battle for control of your thoughts. We live in a decidedly female-centric society. I know, you're all slapping your foreheads and saying, "But men are the violent ones! Men are the cause of all the problems. They beat their wives! They start wars! And women still earn less money!"

Truth check: Statistics and studies (dating back to at least 1978 - See Dr. Suzanne Steinmetz) indicate that men are abused at least as much as women. Perhaps more, since men are afraid of the emasculation of reporting these incidents. Very few of these abusive incidents involve women acting in self-defense.

Truth check: Women control media and markets through their buying power. Who buys most of the books, fiction and non-fiction? Why are there so many chick flicks? Ever wonder how a book with a title like "How to Dump That Jerk Man" can be printed, but if a book titled "How to Understand Female Mood Swings" were to hit the shelves, there would be protests and rioting? Because the book companies are in the business of making money, not publishing information and Great Truths. They do what they're paid to do, by their customers. Women buy most of the books published each year. Consider books on romance. Romance generated $1.52 billion in sales in 2001, romance fiction comprising 18% of all books sold and 54% of all popular paperback fiction sold in America. Of these readers, 93% were women, and half of them were married. (*Source: Industry Statistics.)

There has been a distinct shift in American culture, a more feminized approach, if you will. Not all of this is bad, but the parts that delude men into believing that what women want is a man with female sensitivity are complete hogwash. We'll discuss what a Nice Guy is, and why he will not survive for a swim in the next gene pool.

I can't tell you how many looks of astonishment I get from people when they find out I'm in the dating advice field - from both women and men. They laugh, they test me, and they try to challenge my conviction about why advice for dating is necessary. When I ask them how their dating life is, I hear that familiar silence that screams the obvious: They're not dating anyone, and/or they desperately want to know how to do better. Of course most often they rationalize their situation away, as if their current dry spell is on purpose. Yeah, they want to be single and sleeping alone. I nod and smile, laughing to myself.

I want to change your life.

That's right. I want to change your life - for the better. That's why I'm here, and that's why I sweat this stuff every day. I've been there. I've been on countless dates from hell. I've had lonely nights, sitting at home, choking down imported beers and watching "Predator" for the umpteenth time and wondering why I'm not sleeping with a woman this year. I've sat there in teary-eyed frustration, tearing my hair out by the roots as I ask myself "Why? Why? Why is she doing this to me?" I've had the extraordinary pain, as well as the extraordinary success, and I'm here to tell you that success is better. That alone is worth the price of change, and I aim to provide you with understanding and tools to make it possible. I want you to become a Dynamic Man.

I've read the books, every one I could get hold of from the Pundits. From John Gray to Barbara DeAngelis. I learned what I could, but they never really told me the Truth.

Then, it came to me, like Moses stumbling on the burning bush, and it was as profound a religious experience. The revelation was simple, and it was to change everything I thought about dating and women.

Stop deluding myself by what should be, and do what WORKS. Results are all that matters.

There is no consolation prize that feels as good as winning. (And, yes, you can accomplish this all with integrity, character, and honor.)

So, I went on to more dates, more good and bad relationships, but now something had changed. I was more in control of what I did, and my self-confidence shot through the roof. Women were no longer intimidating to me. I started to share advice with family and friends, and

I've been writing on the topic for several years, including articles for web sites, moderating a dating advice forum, and advising other learners through online and email advice.

I started as a student of human motivation and success principles, studying Dennis Waitley, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, and others. I've studied persuasion and psychology, using it for sales. I am also a student of Eastern philosophy - Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, the martial arts, and I've taken a very centered approach that I think you'll find refreshingly clear. No weird crystals, chanting, or meditation mantras. Just the Truth, friends. Dating is an indirect art, and you'd be amazed how well Eastern wisdom addresses this.

Let me tell you what this book is not:

This is not a get-laid-quick strategy, like other speed seduction programs offer. I'm not here to tell you how to get fast sex through hypnosis. (Oh, but don't worry. You'll get laid sooner and more frequently than your old way!) This isn't a con, a fad, a hustle, or a manipulation game. I'm not going to show you how to manipulate or harm women.

I'm here to show you how to win the relationship game for you and the women in your life for that critical first few months of dating. I'm here to show you how to reclaim your masculinity and self-esteem, and in the process improve not just your dating, but also your life.

Dating is a dynamic. It's not just one man and one woman acting in isolation; it's a dance and interaction of two separate personalities, and when this happens it becomes infinitely more complex than most people are aware. Every situation becomes unique, and every inter-relation is an opportunity to learn. Once you assimilate the concepts that I will pass on in the Dating Dynamics program, you will gain the foundation for life-long success with women. I can't give you the answer to every situation, but I can give you the critical success factors and an understanding of the fundamentals.

This book does not paint women in a bad light, as evil, or as an adversary. In truth, women are your allies, or you wouldn't be out there in this game. Women are a blessing, and a wonderful addition to our world, if you can understand that they are not a cure for everything wrong in your life, including your loneliness. Nor are they the center of your life.

Women are wonderful, and they are fallible. They are no better or worse than men. They are human, just like us, and they are also different than men, both physically and mentally. Through the concepts covered in this book, I believe you will find them much less intimidating than before, and you'll see that those differences can also work to your benefit.

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