Detail Orientation

Something men are not renowned for is their attention to details with women. You must learn to pay attention to detail - which means attending to your appearance. The primary reason for this is that women translate what they see of your actions (and your appearance) into their belief about your sexual ability. In other words, if you are a sloppy person, messy car (no matter how expensive), messy house, you will be thought of as unable to pay attention to the details of your life, and your ability to satisfy her needs will be cast into doubt. After all, how can a man who is unable to match his sock colors possibly be attentive enough to give her the kind of thoughtful sensual attention she requires? She sees a sloppy man and thinks, hmm, sloppy lover. When a man appears in control of his own life, and is able to project his attention to detail in the way he organizes it, a woman is reassured that she will get the kind of satisfaction she wants.

Don't underestimate the value of this knowledge!

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