Getting Started Understanding Relationships

Let me begin by saying that I believe that Darwin had a lot on the ball. Even if evolution isn't the primary determinant in the progress of a species, it sure as hell makes sense to me that those who adapt and learn how to thrive in an environment will survive and get to influence the next generation. There's no heresy there. Those who win the wars get to write the history. Those who live on, get to leave their legacy, in many different ways.

Women and men are different, but not so different that we can't understand each other. our physical forms haven't had to evolve much over the years to accommodate survival (last i checked, I didn't have claws or night vision), but we have had to evolve our way of thinking. Our brains developed to facilitate reasoning on many levels, and the teaching we passed on would have to evolve as well. What we think about ourselves, our world, everything, evolved from previous ignorant assumptions. in short, society as well as parents taught our children the skills/beliefs they needed to survive. What works (i.e., gets results) is used.

I believe women are who they are and behave the way they do because of both biological and societal evolution. It's emotionally based, in many cases, and it's irrational. But, it can be understood, and that means that it's really an irrational logic. It makes sense in its own context. It's not guy logic; it's girl logic.

Women are not like men in their thinking about sex and relationships. You need to accept this Truth. Too many men spend their entire lives trying to "figure out" women, or understand them. You don't need to understand, only accept them as they are and take it from there. Once you observe female behavior and stop trying to put it into your terms can you move beyond the behaviors that have held you back.

The things i'm about to tell you will give structure to a concept that was once foreign to you: women, dating, and relationships. I will do this by teaching you techniques and styles of handling yourself that will enable you to develop your skills.

In the first stage of dating, the most unstable time, between meeting a woman and your tenth date, you are in an extremely hazardous region. You need structure and method to navigate these treacherous waters. Later, however, if you find you do want to evolve a relationship with a woman, you will have to give up some of the artifice, and progress to a more intimate bond. Some of what I will teach, though, must be used for as long as you stay with a woman, beyond marriage to the end of your days with her.

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