How To Use This Book

This book is a reference manual, and you should treat it as such. When you go on a meeting or a date, you read the sections that help you keep your goals in mind. When things aren't working, you come back here to find out what you may have done wrong.

Read this book at least four or five times to become familiar with the content. I repeat critical concepts several times, but you should still go through it several times over. Print it. Read it actively, which means to have a highlighter and a pencil in your hand the whole time.

Use those sticky flags for areas of importance. Scribble notes in the margin. I'll tell you this several times: Be sure to keep a journal of your experiences going so that you can learn along the way. You'll find your own valuable insights as you start to use your noggin and critically think about how you interact with women.

Most men date women with brute force, meaning that they do what they want, never really thinking about if it works or the affects of their actions. The Dynamic Man will always use what he knows, observe the results, and think about his next step.

You need to embrace and seek out change in your life, or you will not achieve the things you are capable of. This material works, no exceptions - if you learn it and use it. It's worked for me, it's worked for countless others, and there's only one more thing you have to do to get it to work for you:

Get a little bit pissed off.

Most changes in your life didn't occur until you got disgusted enough to do something about it. That's where real change happens in your life, when you finally say enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of this, and it's got to change. That's a life-changing moment, when you put your foot down and get just angry enough to do something to get what you want. Anger, frustration, and all the other passionate, energizing emotions are the fuel for change. Use it for your advantage.

Let me give you one bit of advice that will stand the test of time: Take no advice from anyone who isn't doing the things you want to do, or living the life you want to lead.

A previous manager of mine in the financial services business once said, "You know, whenever I go to get advice on how to make money or invest, I go looking for the guy with the big pile of money. And I listen to him. Not the bankrupt discount broker in debt up to his ears. I listen to the guy who has what I want."

Think about it: If you want to learn Martial Arts, you go to a dojo and learn from a black belt. If you want to learn how to drive an eighteen-wheel truck, you go to a school where they teach it. So you need to go talk to men who get women, then you need to do the things they're doing and behave like a man who gets women. I've got that experience, and I'll share what I have, and you should look to find others, too.

You may not be able to change the world, but you can change yourself. Don't confuse getting what you want from life as a betrayal or insincerity to your character. Remember, without a plan, you're really saying: "I'd rather keep screwing up than take the risk of changing."

How alive are you willing to be?

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