Its All Sales

To participate in life, you must be a salesman. Not the slimy kind you see skulking around a used-car lot, but the icons of the trade that know that the only way people will buy what's good for them is to be sold on it. The best salesmen know that they have to believe in their product and know it inside and out.

Everything you do in life is sales.

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The product? You.

When you pitch an idea at work, you're selling yourself. When you go to a job interview, you're selling yourself. When you try to make friends with a dog or a cat, you're selling yourself. And when you go into the singles world and find women to date, you are selling yourself in the most extreme manner. (Take a look at anybody who's married, and just try and tell me one of them didn't sell the other one.)

so remember that human persuasion is nothing more than a very complicated sales pitch. Dating requires you to believe in your product absolutely, or your sincerity will not be enough to carry the day.

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