Just say No

Every so often, you need to tell a woman "No." This could be in response to her tests, or just a refusal to eat where she wants. You have to demonstrate that you will not be walked on or controlled. The vast majority of men is often too compliant with women, fearing that if they say "No" to her, she'll stop giving them sex or she'll disapprove in some way. They're afraid of risking her anger. Anger is necessary! It shows there is some passion between you.

If you can't get a woman angry with you, you don't have her emotionally attracted to you, either.

Be sure to exert your demands and interest in your dates or relationship - judiciously. She will respect you for this, even if she may seem initially unhappy with your "inflexible" behavior. You have to be comfortable with not having her acceptance from time to time in order to have acceptance and respect over the long haul. A woman cannot love a man more than she respects him.

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