Keep your house ready

o The lights in your living room and bedroom must have a dimmer control. Lighting is the single most important romantic tool. Keep it dim for romance. o Keep candles all around, ready to be lit.

o Keep a condom very close to your bed, and keep them out of sight in your bathroom. I can see the look on her face as she opens your medicine cabinet and spots your five boxes of Trojans. o Get rid of any evidence of other women. This means phone numbers, mementos, pictures, etc. o Hide your dirty magazines and porn. o Have a picture of your family out, especially mom.

o If you don't have a nice couch, get some pillows to make the one you have more comfortable.

o Have some sensual food on hand, like fruit or chocolate. Also, a bottle or two of wine.

o Have a few interesting knickknacks out as discussion starters, including one or two books on sex o Just like in your car, keep a few romantic CDs close by or in the changer Some other tips about how to prepare your house:

- Don't answer your phone when she's over at your house. If she asks you why you're not going to get it, you say, "That's why I got an answering machine," or, "It couldn't be anyone more important than you right now." Whatever the answer, don't act at all guilty, like you think it's another Playboy bunny calling to check up on you. Women care less about your excuse and more about how confidently you explain yourself

- Turn the answering machine down low. One of these days, a woman will call you while you have another one at your home. You don't want your date hearing, "Hi, Dave! I had a great time last night. I can't believe how sore I am! Give me a call so I can find out when I'll get another workout like that one..."

- Have the raw ingredients for breakfast on hand. One way to get her to come back for more is to give her a good breakfast before she goes.

- This one is important: You have to have some valid reason to have her back at your house besides getting her into bed. Some good "reasons" are:

o A good bottle of wine to share o A movie on your 'home theater' o Some photographs from a trip overseas o A dog or cat she'd just "love to meet" o A musical instrument to play for her o Some special music to play for her

The important thing is to not get her back to your house (when she really does want to be there) and then make it very uncomfortable for her to be there when the atmosphere is noticeably arranged around her going to bed with you. She may desire this, but you should keep this agenda out of her sight. Remember: She wants romance, not porn.

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