Men Must Make the First Move

Sure, from time to time, a woman will help you out by being more forward, perhaps offering you her phone number or wearing a strapless dress, but it is infrequent. You are required to initiate what happens at each step along the way as you date a woman. This is a risk you must take in order to connect with her.

The Truth is that women - despite all the talk in recent years about liberation and equality - still want a man to behave like a man. There's an awful lot of whining from guys about how since women want to be treated equally that this means they shouldn't have to do all the work anymore. Sure, thousands of years of mating behavior are now going to be thrown out the window.

C'mon, it's not going to happen. And definitely not overnight.

Please accept right now that you need to take responsibility for initiating many of the actions that will get you together with a woman. And take heart in the fact that this is the toughest part of the deal. The Dating Black Book will make this dance go smoothly, and with a minimum of getting your toes stepped on.

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