Physical Fitness

You don't have to have a muscle-bound body off of the latest issue of "Muscle-Boy" to be appealing to a woman. (In fact, more women are turned off by heavily muscled physiques than are turned on.) They prefer sleek and fit men, not Arnold-wannabes.

Every man should exercise regularly each week and demonstrate some care as to his eating habits. I recommend a subscription to Men's Health or a similar fitness magazine that addresses all areas of health, from exercise to diet. A man with a "spare tire" around his middle is not going to impress a woman. If you're severely overweight, you will not only be limiting your successes with women, but limiting your lifespan as well.

I'm not here to preach good health to you. However, your physical fitness level is a very obvious indicator of your attitude toward life and yourself, and women look to this to figure out how you'll treat them.

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