Women have a hard candy shell on the outside, and they're soft on the inside. Just like M&Ms. If you've ever tried to dissolve the outside of an M&M just by rolling it around your mouth, you also know that waiting to get through can be pretty time consuming and frustrating. You need to be trust that you can bite down and get to the soft part a lot quicker, and without shattering your teeth in the process.

Women put up a defensive shell around them to protect them from hurt, and it's your duty to find a way in. The best way to this is to confront any resistant behavior from her and stop any excessive bitchy behavior as early as you can. If a woman is being aggressively resistant to

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any advances you make, you may decide you're better off moving on and finding someone a bit more approachable. Before you do, you should try to break into her defenses with one final dignified ploy:

"Jackie, I've been nothing but nice to you for the last two weeks, going out with you and you're not very open. Before I decide to call this quits, I wanted to tell you that I see your tough act on the outside, and I know that's a façade. I can see through your smoke screen. Deep inside, you want to reach out and be appreciated, but you're afraid to trust. I'd hate for you to miss out on the wonderful opportunities in life, but we might have to stop seeing each other if we can't get past this."

Call women on their behavior with direct language, and you will be amazed at how powerful the results are, especially if you are able to describe their emotional reaction in a way they have not been able to. Fussy, bitchy women will probably start a fight, in which case you can walk away, but I think you'll find that many will call you back after they've cooled their jets and realize they've heard the Truth.

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