Send Mixed Signals

Women don't feel attraction to men who are too consistent. If you are consistent all the time, you're demonstrating your intention to prove yourself as a good mate and husband, a possible father to her children. To stir up her passion and lust, you must learn how to be inconsistent at the right times and send her mixed signals so that she is not entirely sure of your intentions. A predictable man is boring, and boring does not make her attracted to you. (I hope this isn't news to you.)

Some deliberate mixed signals:

- Acting aloof from time to time on a date. Go silent and ignore her occasionally.

- Show up unexpectedly after telling her you are busy and can't see her

- Kiss her or hug her, then push her away to do something else.

- Tell her you like what she's wearing, then change your mind on it later.

- Memorize her phone number, and make sure she knows you have. Then complain to have forgotten it and ask for it again later.

- Occasionally do things that are out of character, such as choosing a chick flick to go see, or go to an offbeat restaurant. Defy her expectations.

Contradictions like this show that you have an unpredictable side, and that while she may have thought she had you figured out, she doesn't. Be careful not to do this too frequently or too radically, or else you'll start to look a little crazy. Just every so often is enough to give things a healthy uncertainty.

Creating attraction is a blend of opposites, acting firm and flexible, attracted and aloof, interested and disengaged. The best analogy of the way to treat your dating relationship with a woman is the way you would carry a full mug of hot coffee. You can either walk very slowly and very carefully, trying not to jostle the contents too much (which takes forever), or you can walk at a normal pace, only you must walk with irregular footsteps so that you don't set up a sloshing motion that spills the hot coffee down your arm. If you've ever tried to carry an open container with a lot of fluid in it, you know that walking at a regular pace will start a feedback pattern where each step gets the liquid splashing back and forth until it spills. Your irregularity will work the same way, keeping the cup of attraction full, and her engaged.

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