Shades of Gray Not Blackand White

Please keep in mind that while I categorize and break things down into fundamentals, the whole is really much more than a sum of its parts. The only way to understand something is to find some fundamental essence that can be understood and is generally accepted as true. From there you can build more sophisticated understanding as you see the various parts at work, inter-relating. This is especially the case with women and dating.

The information that is given here is divulged with the understanding that nothing is black-and-white. Real life women are three-dimensional, with various shades of gray. You have to understand what is black and what is white before you can see the different variations of gray within. That is where these principles start.

Another part of this understanding is that there will be circumstances that will be difficult for you to overcome to make radical changes in your approach to women. Sometimes these are social limitations, like your peer group. Sometimes they are family issues, such as how you were brought up and the expectations placed upon you there. I would be ignorant to tell you to "just change" if there are factors underlying your current situation that you have difficulty changing. What I will give you is the understanding you need to begin working towards your goal and start the process of change from the inside as well as the outside.

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