Sounds and Smells

I didn't want to have to make a point of this area of hygiene, but it's very important that you be aware of more than just the visual and tactile parts of your appearance. Here are just a few of the more unattractive sounds men make that decrease a woman's attraction to them:

- Snorting and other assorted throat noises. Keep these to a minimum, since they are easily controlled. Phlegm noises of any kind are repulsive to women.

- Burping. Do not burp, not even at the most laid back party. If you have a need to release the pressure, excuse yourself and do it somewhere out of earshot.

- Farting. Gosh, I wish I didn't have to say this, but please don't fart, guys. If you have a problem with gas, review your diet and consider a medicinal supplement to help you with your digestion.

- Foot Odor: Change your socks frequently, and use the shoe deodorizers available.

- Breath: As above, please do check your breath on occasion. If you lick your skin and smell your saliva, you've got a good idea as to whether your breath is good or bad. Carry breath mints (not gum) to use when needed.

The other nasty turn-off for women is the big B.O. Body odor is unattractive to all but the women you might date in the underdeveloped countries of the world. Some men just don't shower enough, and some men can't shower enough. Deodorant is a requirement for your armpits. You should use antiperspirants if sweating is an issue for you. Do not try to cover up your lack of cleanliness with a "gypsy bath," meaning that you don't use cologne or after-shave to cover up your stinky body or clothes. I once worked with a guy who applied Brut to his clothes each morning and smelled like he'd fallen out of a rotting pig carcass. I gently brought his hygiene situation to his attention, but it is often a rare event that someone will tell you about it. The topic is so uncomfortable, in fact, that many people would never tell you when your body odor is strong, so you'll have to monitor this closely yourself.

If you are going to use cologne or after-shave, be sure to use a high-quality scent. Try to find something that suits you and is different enough to stand out. Most men use some variety of the Calvin Klein brand, but there are many that are unique and appealing. Apply just enough to give off a slight scent. This may take some trial and error. You want her to have to get nice and close to you to smell your cologne, not running to get away from it.

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