The Dating Continuum

All the techniques and strategies that you employ in your quest, whether it's for dating, seduction, long-term relationships, or the big "M" (marriage) all exist on a continuum of interaction. This continuum begins with the first time you interact with a particular woman (see her across the room, bump into her at Starbucks), and ends with the dissolution of your relationship (stop calling her, breakup, divorce), no matter how long a time this may be. (Maybe even "'til death do you part...") It begins anew with every woman you meet.

It is important to understand the architecture of this continuum so that you employ the best tactics at the right time. Something that works for you early on in your work with a woman will not necessarily be as effective later on, as familiarity and complexity enter the picture.

For those of you unfamiliar with the terms, allow me to clarify "strategy" and "tactics" as used here. Strategy is a systematic plan of action toward a goal. An example of a strategy would be to date at least three women a week. A tactic is a specific action to achieve this goal. An example would be going up to three women a day to talk with them.

This section will focus mostly on the strategies, yet both are necessary in your search. Tactics are what you'll get from regular interaction with women, working with a wingman, and honing your craft. Tactical skills can be taught, but are best handled on a case-by-case basis.

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