The Woman You Want

There are characteristics of a woman that are more conducive to a relationship, and these are fairly universal. While I realize that there are unhealthy couples out there that thrive off unnecessary drama and dysfunction, I will highlight the questions that normal guys like you and me need to ask in your search. You'll find that you will be much happier in the long run if you make these a priority. (See also "The Woman You Want.")

Low-Maintenance: You want to have as little grief as possible if you're going to have a woman around for any period of time. Relationships are hard enough without adding more challenges into the mix.

■ Flexibility is the primary trait of the low-maintenance woman. Does she need a lot of coddling or constant attention to keep her happy?

■ Does she communicate effectively, meaning no nagging or complaining? Does she communicate her needs rather than expecting you to read her mind?

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■ Is she competent? Can she cope with life on her own, or is she looking for a stable man to keep her level?

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