This is the big Whammy as far as you're concerned. A woman cannot be more attracted to you than she feels trust for you. Your sole job in the initial stages of getting to know a woman is to demonstrate that you are a trustable man.

What is Trust? Trust is her caution mechanism. It's her overall ability to feel safe and comfortable in your presence. Trust is:

• Her knowledge that you aren't physically abusive or violent

• Her knowledge that you aren't emotionally abusive or violent

• Her willingness to risk that you won't hurt her like other guys have

It's a little bit of psychological tug-of-war. On the other side of her mis-Trust is Desire, pulling at her, telling her all about the great things you could give her, like validation, happiness, fun, sex, etc. Desire won't win until mis-Trust is thrown in the dirt.

The easiest way to make a woman trust you is to be trustable. Don't lie. Don't mislead or misdirect her. Follow through on your word. Be consistent. And don't just do these things to get more women - do them because they are the honorable things that real men do. Build real character. If you try to fake your trustworthiness, you'll never succeed. She'll sniff it out right away.

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