Beware! She will also try to get you into the "date questionnaire" mode by asking you the usual questions.

- What kind of car do you have?

- Where are you from?

- Is your family here?

- Do you want kids?

- Ever been married?

If you don't break this pattern and make things fun and different, she's going to shift her focus over to determining why you won't work out. If you aren't Wow!-ing her, she's going to have to back up her lack of attraction to you with some seemingly reasonable conclusions about you - even if they're not true. That's what her inclination will be, since part of her doesn't want to risk her heart on another buffoon. You have to overcome her inertia. Get her off the topic, fast. You need to get her thinking with the romantic part of her brain, the part that entertains possibility and intrigue. Asking What-if? questions is a great way to start.

Betty: "So, do you think you'll buy a house in the area?" Dave: "Hey, c'mon. Let's not get into that deep talk until we're married with three kids and a mortgage, okay?" (slight smile) "You don't want to fall asleep on me this early, do you?"

You could stop there, but the Dynamic Man might throw in: "Well, if you have to know, I was thinking of buying a castle somewhere. I'd dress up in armor and walk around all night, acting like a ghost. I'd scare the kids who show up to party and make out. That sort of thing."

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