Seated Body Pointing

Crossing the knees towards another person is a sign of acceptance or interest in that person. If the other person also becomes interested, he or she will cross knees towards the first person, as shown in Figure 144. As the two people become more involved with each other they will begin to copy each other's movements and gestures, as is the case in Figure 144, and a closed formation results that excludes all others, such as the man on the right. The only way in which the man on the right could participate in the conversation would be to move a chair to a position in front of the couple and attempt to form a triangle, or take some other action to break the formation.

Gesture Foot Pointing
Figure M3 Third person not accepted by firnl tu?o
Body Language Feet Pointing
Figure 14J Body poin ling is nwii to exctude the m<t" ort tfie j-t^iii

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