Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

Immortality is a program created by Chris George. It is a leading edge, distinctive, and knowledge program whereby you will find answers to some questions that might have been bothering you.This program divulges some long-kept secrets and techniques recognized to a bunch of only a few people. The guide came up as a result of analysis derived from literature and sociological readings, all of that is recognized to be true.The topic is simply accepting the tips supplied. Those that undertake this eBook, basically let talk of those that are looking forward to using the program and absorb all that it has to supply will be capable to turn out to be their way of life into a person who results in higher and extra certain issues.This program has not only been proved to work but also it is one program that you do not stand to miss. The program is quite easy and simple for anyone irrespective of the age to use. Another positive thing about this program is that it is simple and requires less dedication.The author assures you that the program will fully work for you but he also assures you of 60-day full money back guarantee in cases where you feel that you are not satisfied with this program. Everything about this program is basically very unique and in order, More here...

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other ebooks out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Her Stakes Extinction Or Eternity

After all, love is a game where the stakes are nothing less than genetic immortality. Even though these processes are unconscious, they are overwhelmingly powerful. If your behaviors trigger her built-in, unconscious, early warning radar system that signals, INFERIOR GENE REPRODUCER , she will naturally lose interest and seek someone who will more likely ensure her genes' immortality. It's nothing less than a war, for immortality. Both of you are fighting for the best chance to win this prize.

On The Nature Of Sexuality

Women seem more like a touchstone, who streaks men and see if they are gold or not. How many men had their lives transformed by not obtaining the love of a woman they wanted And they were transformed not in the sexual way, but into something more. Almost every biography I've seen of world changing men always contain the fact that they fell in love with a woman and did not get her. Washington, Adams, Dante (he turns Beautrice into heaven in his immortal epic), Beethoven, practically all poets, practically all famous generals, etc. It is as if these guys saw their own wimpish worthless reflections in the women they sought, and changed their ways. I believe it was Kierkegaard who says, It is true that behind every great man there is a woman. But it is always the woman he DID NOT marry.

The Effigy Of The Seductress Cold Seduction

The seductress, like the hysteric, wants to be immortal and live in an eternal present - much to everyone's astonishment, given the field of deception and despair in which she moves, and given the cruelty of her game. But here she survives because outside psychology, ' meaning or desire. What destroys people, wears them down, is the meaning they give their acts. But the seductress does not attach any meaning to what she does, nor suffer the weight of desire. Even if she speaks of reasons or motives, be they guilty or cynical, it is a trap. And her ultimate trap is to ask Tell me who I am - when she is indifferent to what she is, when she is a blank, with neither age nor history. Her power lies in the irony and elusiveness of her presence. She may be blind to her own existence, but she is well aware of all the mechanisms of reason and truth people use to protect themselves from seduction and she is aware that from behind the shelter of these...

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