Come Here trick

A cute little approach technique I've used to talk to women that are hanging out in a group is to position myself (with my homies) next to their group. Because it may seem kind of awkward for me to stick my head in there and hit on one chick in front of all of them, I just make eye contact. If she is responding, I follow it with a 'come here' hand gesture, with out saying anything while maintaining a smile. At this point she will have two options, to say no with her head or to come over. If she comes over, you are kosher and can move to the next chapter, talking. If she doesn't come over, you can then wait a bit, fin ish hearing your homies' stories and then head over to her. There you can spark up the conversation with several opening sentences (All of these said in friendly, smiling manner):

" Oh, you are too good to walk five feet to come talk to me?"

"When Mohamed won't go to the mountain..." Or

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