Dont bring attention to it

It is happening merely as an unintentional accident. You are trying to make sure she hears what you are saying by talking to her in her ear, but because you have to reach over to her ear, your knuckles are accidentally brushing against her boobs and nipples. Proceed to repeat this throughout your conversation, quickly brushing against her nipples. Again, if she keeps making conversation it means she is enjoying it (green light). Some times you will notice that they just start asking the most bland and pathetic questions, meaning, " don't stop cause I love it".

Keep this up for as long as you feel like. However, anything over half an hour will have worn thin and she might not be as excited as she was at the beginning. If she hung around this long, you can use the "Go somewhere" technique.

The boob touch can also work if she is sitting by the bar. Let's say she is on a stool and you want to hit on her. Approach her from the side, as in, don't stand in front of her knees (since you won't be able to reach over to her breasts. Stand next to her (next to her legs) in a way that

you can have easy access to her tits while talking to her. Just remember, do the boob touch ever so lightly.

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