Enter the bar

Entering the bar is a crucially delicate situation. This is where most of the women will be making their first impression of you and when they decide whether they want to sleep with you or not. How you act and carry yourself will determine whether they will want to talk to you.

As soon as you enter, you should be paying attention. Who is with whom? Where are most of the chicks? On the dance floor, sitting, by the bar, standing, dispersed?

Make notes of where they are and where there isn't much competition. Most importantly, you should be on the look out for single women. Try to spot them from the entrance. As soon as you do, head over in their general direction.

Don't hesitate or wait for the ideal time. There is no ideal time other than right now.

You are not there to think. This is the battlefield and like a true soldier, you shoot first ask question later.

If she is by the bar, order a drink next to her. Then, after a while, make small talk about something unique to the place, so that it doesn't sound cookie cutter (i.e.: the bartender, the decorations, the crowd, the music etc).

If you don't see any single women available, just groups of people here and there, then do the "I'm looking for friends" approach, where you walk through the bar or club, checking out the rooms for women while pretending to be looking for your friends.

This will keep you from looking like a loner (if you are by yourself) while at the same time let you spark a conversation with some chicks by busting out: "Excuse me, I'm waiting for some friends, can I sit here with you till they show up?"

Believe me, 80% of the time this line works, it's innocent.

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