Eye contact is where it all starts

If you are standing up and some chick passes by and you two make eye contact and she is smiling as she is passing by... ... wink at her.

A little wink will do. Ideally tied in with a slight friendly smirk. Or a toast cheers. Something innocent that makes her aware that you exist.

Don't try to stop her. If she wants stop and talk she will. But remember her face. You should soon start to work on her. See where she goes and whom she is with. If she is with a guy, then be patient and wait for a cue for you to go talk to her. This opportunity will show up next time she gets away from the guy she is with: she may go to the bathroom, to the bar, to the cigarette machine etc. At that point, since you noticed her interest in you, you can approach her with a more direct opening sentence (i.e." Hi! I like your smile!" or something of the sort).

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