Facial Grooming

As facial grooming becomes more demanding, it becomes more demanded.

Women expect it. Most of these things can be taken care of once a month, such as blackhead removal or chest and pube grooming. Others, such as acne and unabrow need to be fixed every other day.

On the plus side all these things make you look a lot better, taking your look ranking up a few notches.

Because women spend their whole lives caring for their face on an hourly basis, they tend to pick up a 6th sense for problem areas on your face too. Even though they understand that men don't take excessive care of their face, they may have their own aversions to certain things, such as kissing someone with acne, or stubble, or just simply hate overgrown bushy side-burns. Since you can't go wrong with having all those things properly groomed, you might as well.

Remember: they want to sleep with guys who are clean. Since they don't have anything else to judge you by, "If you look clean, you must be clean."

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