Getting there

Needless to say, the next spot you choose should be somewhat different.

Since you two are now getting romantic, you would be better off choosing a place that's quieter or more suave/ sexy, like a lounge. You should do this research before so you know exactly where to go. Of course this is different if the chick you are with is like a clubber or some real freak.

Regardless, you'll be able to tell where she would like to go. If you absolutely can't tell, you can always reverse the scenario and ask her " what's good that's open till five?" At this point, if she knows a good spot she will almost insist you two go there.

Cab to get there.

Don't drive if she saw you have more than two drinks. Girls get very nervous when they drive with someone they don't know and that person could be drunk. Cabbing makes them feel more secure about leaving since they know you won't be able to kidnap them and dump them over bridge.

Another great reason to cab there is that you two can make out in the back of a cab. Chicks love that.

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