Introducing yourself

Another one of my favorite approach methods is to be standing next to them for a few seconds before you talk to them. As if you didn't go there to talk to them, you just happen to be there and she happens to be there.

I.e.: She's sitting down at the bar, there is an empty seat next to her. Instead of going up behind her, tapping her on the shoulder and hitting on her, I'd rather go sit next to her, order a drink, and while waiting for the drink, say "Hi" and make a casual comment about something like the bar tender or music or bar.

This way it doesn't seem like you went there just to hit on her. During the minute you wait before hitting on her, her guard goes down.

This same situation goes for cocktail parties where everyone is standing up: you pretend you didn't notice or see her till she is right next to you. Then is just a matter of turning and sparking up some chat.

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