For many occasions, it is very helpful to have the cool rings, bracelets, watches, earring and necklaces. They can really add a lot to your look. Go to your favorite shopping mall and get whatever it is that will help you achieve the look you are going for. With $50 you should be able to get two basic sets of jingles: A set with the biker-look and a set with the clubber/player look.

The set with the biker look is ideal for any grungy, rough or tough environment you may find yourself in: Rock and Rap concerts, biker bars, underground parties and after-

hours. The jingles in this set are mostly made from steel and silver and usually have a black tarnish.

The clubber look will be appropriate for going to clubs, lounges, cocktail parties and classy events. Here the jingles will be finer, more expensive and more conspicuous.

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