Leg touch

If you are both sitting, the situation gets slightly harder. You two can't be reaching over to accidentally be brushing against her breast. So in this case, you can use other parts of you body to make contact with hers... ...after all, it's about the physical contact.

If you are both on bar stools and you are facing each other, you can make both of your legs softly interlock with hers during an attempt to reach over and better hear what she is saying.

If she is sitting across from you, you can perform a footsie. Don't ever do it with your shoes on. That's why next time you go shopping for social shoes, make sure they slip on and off easily.

Make eye contact with her the moment you touch her. She will look around the table in surprise and you should show some confidence and make sure that she knows who is doing it. Give her a little wink.

Unless she makes some obvious move telling you to stop, carry on. Then look away as if you are actually paying attention to whoever is talking down the table. By looking away, you tell her that you want to remain as discreet as possible, which makes it even more exciting, like forbidden lust.

If you are both sitting at a table, perpendicular to each other, your knees can touch.

If you are both in a booth, next to each other, your elbows, legs and knees can come in contact.

If you are sitting on a barstool, and she comes around but doesn't have a seat, offer yours. If she says no (they usually do) then stand up any way, claiming you sat too much at the office. Then, if you are both standing up, you can carry out the boob touch.

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