Ratio of women looking for onenight stands

Statistically this is how it breaks down:

50% Are attached or married, so forget these (this number varies between social settings: clubs have far less married people than sit down bars)

10% are not in the mood, forget these. They just got out of a long relationship. Or are lesbians. Or are PMS-ing. These won't go for one-night stands under any circumstance.

20% Are in the mood but only to make out. These are women that are having their period or that have something the next morning preventing them from sleeping at your place (maybe they live with their parents). You can have lots of fun with these women, make out and maybe even get to third base. If they give you their number, don't throw it away, but also don't count on it. They may have come to their senses by the time you call later on.

20% Are in the mood for a one-night stand. They don't tell anyone this. You have to seduce them. They enjoy being seduced, it makes them feel like they are finally meeting someone who knows how to excite them.

The best way to guarantee sex with women you never met before is to hit on a few women at a bar or club.

Given that the sequence of seduction events will be happening over a shorter period of time, you are not allowing for a lot of thinking to be done. Her decision to sleep with you will be emotional as opposed to rational. If you do this right, she will be so turned on that her first reaction will be to go enjoy the night with you, since she has finally found someone who makes her feel good.

All you have to do is dress well, approach them right, tell them special trigger sentences, turn them on during a conversation and subliminally persuade back to your place (or theirs). It may seem too good to be true, but these are all techniques and methods explained in this book.

"Most men who are not married by the age of thirty-five are either homosexual or really smart." -Becky Rodenbeck

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