For years I could never tolerate why bar and club owners would want to create a social environment by playing music louder than the human voice. I always had to shout my mack lines at the women I wanted to hit on, making the process virtually impossible: you end up screaming at some one you are trying to seduce.

After ten years of getting below average results through traditional macking, I realized that I could use the fact that it is loud in there to my advantage: it's so loud I have every right to talk to them (in normal tone) in their ear. What I went to further develop was the boob touch and leg touch. This is another technique to push the right buttons and make them extremely horny for you.

It is extremely important to understand that these techniques are the most crucial part of your mack. These are the ones that get them aroused and in sexual (or at least kissing) mode. Luckily, there aren't too many ways to go about screwing them up: you would have to spit in their ear or spill your drink on their shirt for it not to work.

For an ideal situation, two conditions have to be met:

1) You both should be standing

2) You both should be in a relatively loud environment.

If she is sitting across the table from you, then you have no chance of using these techniques. If the environment isn't loud, you can still whisper but it will seem like you are trying to whisper when you could be talking normally. Fortunately, most social environments have some type of music playing in the background, whether it is a club, bar, lounge, gallery opening, cocktail party, house party or ball.

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