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The scenario is even worse when you GIVE your phone number away.

Let me make one thing clear:


What happens when you give women your number

will call, but If they are the type to ca 11, why would want to see them? They are probably

They are not mentally trained to pick up your number, go over to the phone and ask for you. You know how nervous we feel when we are about to call some chick we like for the first time? You know how you don't know what to say, how you get butterflies in your stomach and how your voice breaks up? They go through this but then realize that they don't have to do it. Why should they be persuading some guy to come out?

That's the guy's job. Furthermore, what if you reject them? How will that feel?

So for every 100 women you give your number out to, you can expect one to call. Mathemati cally, this is not even an option.

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