Start tanning

Like my fat cousin Felipe always said, "The best way to loose weight fast is to tan!" And it is true.

You can look slicker if you have a tan and a belly than if you have just a belly and no tan.

I usually tan out on the sun whenever I can (weekends) and tanning beds during winter. A single session may not produce the results you were hoping, so go two or three times before the weekend arrives. Hit the tanning saloon on Tuesday and Thursday, that way you'll be looking good for the rest of the weekend.

To speed up your tanning, get a tanning lotion specific for tanning beds; the outdoor ones don't work the same way. Just don't buy the tanning lotion on at the saloon (they have incredible mark-ups), any Walgreen's or KMart carry tanning lotions at a third of the price. Also, don't try to tan twice on the same day.

Also, to keep the tan, don't shower with scolding hot water after-wards, the colder the better. After the shower, a moisturizing cream may be necessary depending on your skin type. It will help keep your skin moist while allowing the tan to last longer.

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