The first thing to check out before making your move way before you plan an approach strategy is to see if she is married

Check her left hand, on the finger next to the pinky. If there is a ring, and it isn't a college ring or part of a zillion other things she has on, then you can bet your bottom dollars she is married. Move on, forget her. It saves you a lot of trouble and maybe an embarrassing situation (even though a true mack is never embarrassed by anything he does; specially the noble act of seducing women).

Unless she is checking you out, making eye contact etc, you are never gonna get it. Even if you can, sometimes it's not worth it.

Another important thing to remember about your approach is that you should never try to stop a woman in motion. If she is going from A to B, she has no interest in stopping at C just to hear your mack.

This, of course, is different if she is just strolling through the club or bar. The difference between the two is speed: if she is going to the toilet, she is going to the toilet even if you are Brad Pitt. If she is looking for her friends who apparently haven't arrived yet, then she is yours for the killing.

Camera Trick

Let's say you are sitting at a bar with your friends. You see a chick you like sitting at the table next to you. You make eye contact, as you should always start with that. She checks you out too, and, as far as you can tell, she displays no disgust or gives a cold glance. She may be interested in you.

Given that her friends are at her table, you stand a very little chance of approaching and hitting on her in front of her friends.

She could be yours if you had a chance to talk to her in private, without her friends listening. The fact that her friends are present will make her want to look as if she is picky and selective, immune to any come on. Her response to look cool and sophisticated in front of her friends will be to reject you, in front of every one.

So how do you hit on her without her friends influencing the way she reacts to your mack? A cute little technique I came about last month, and have been using since, is to bring a camera with you.

As in the same scenario as above, you sit there till you think is a good time to approach her: maybe some one from her table went to the bar, there is no one telling a funny story, she seems kind of bored etc. You then make eye contact with her and wave the camera in the air, signaling that you want her to take a picture of you.

Or, if she is close enough, you ask her. You don't have to whisper but at the same time you don't have to scream across the room. You want it to seem as if you just want a picture: no smirks, blinks, "take a picture of us, baby!" lines or anything.

Smooth yet innocent. When she comes over to get the camera, spend a little time explaining how you want the shot and how to use the camera. As far as where to shoot it from, ask her to shoot from a position that is far away from her friends (I'll explain later).

When your friends get into position, jump in the middle, as if you were the leader of the group and act wacky. This is your chance to show to her that you have a great personality and that you and your friends are fun guys. Do the usual stuff guys do in pictures (such as horns behind some else's head, kiss, strangle, show off your muscles etc.) Just keep it tasteful, no picking nose or hands in pants.

Then, when she is done taking the picture (mind you that this all happens in a minute or two), go up to her, where she is, don't wait for her to come to you. Given that she is far away from her friends, and you are away from yours, you have just created a quick moment for you to introduce yourself and start talking.

If you have a digital camera with an LCD in the back, you can extend this moment and show her the picture she just took, while maybe going over the previous shots you took earlier (make sure you don't have anything stupid).

While you two are standing, you can ask her name, what she does (quickly followed by "Are you a photographer?), what is going on afterwards. If she is trying to keep the conversation short, thank her for the photo and come back to your seat, as if nothing happened. Don't be intimidated by assuming that her friends are following your conversation, if they are more than a few feet away, they probably can't hear you.

Keep the conversation for as long as you like. If it lasts more than a few questions, and she is answering with interest, ask her if she wants to go get a drink. Once you take her to the bar, you can follow up with the "whisper" and the "boob or leg touch".

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