What to do

The crucial thing to remember when doing the boob-touch, leg-touch or any other kind of touch is that they should be invisible. She should not be aware that you making those moves on purpose. So how to do it? VERY

softly. Not too frequent, but just enough to stimulate her. If you over do it, her guard might go up and she will be vaccinated against you and your seduction.

Use other parts of your body to stimulate her. Your wrist, the back of your hand and knuckles, your elbow and even your shoulder can be used to caress them and stimulate some physical reaction.

Your knuckles can be used during the "Boob-Touch", so can your elbow and wrist, depending on the positions. Your shoulders can be used if you are sitting down and she is standing next to you, in a situation where your shoulder is at her nipple height.

Side note: Field of vision trick

Once you do start talking to a chick, position yourself so that you keep the best field of view of the bar/club.

The best view being the rest of the room, while she gets to see the wall. This way, you keep your options open by seeing who else is available.

At the same time, you are making her have to concentrate on you. All she will see is you and not the other hotter dudes walking around. This applies also to when sitting at tables.

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